Singrauli-The Coal Curse-20111 Report cover

Singrauli: The Coal Curse

A fact finding report on the impact of coal mining on the people and environment of Singrauli

Greenpeace organised a Fact Finding Mission to Singrauli – the energy capital of the country and home to tribal communities, forest dwellers and some of the most threatened forests remaining in Central India. The Singrauli region spreads across the states of Uttar Pradesh (Sonebhadra district) and Madhya Pradesh (Sidhi and Singrauli districts). The Fact Finding team visited specific villages in both UP and MP.

The Fact Finding team, comprising of respected figures in the fields of human rights, social justice, mining and environment and journalism visited the Singrauli region(both the areas in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh) between 9th and 11th of July 2011. They had meetings with villagers and village councilors, in which men and women from various tribal and non-tribal communities shared their experiences and problems with the team. They were also taken to areas that had direct impacts on the villages visited such as ash ponds, mining overburdens, and discharge points from thermal power plants.

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Disclaimer: This report has been originally published on September 15, 2011 by Greenpeace India in it’s website . This report is reproduced here in original for information purpose only and for more details on the report, plz contact If someone find it objectionable then please let us know.