Why this site?


  1. It is made entirely for betterment of Indian mining community and a totally non-profit website. It’s main focus is to serve this Indian Mining community.
  2. It is designed for discussing Mining topics in depth, which is not possible in social networking site like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  3. This site will not restrict any ideas about mining and will be minimum moderated that too from time to time only to restrict the spam message.
  4. It’s prime objectives are to spread the awareness about safety in mines, rules, regulations, tech awareness and most importantly a better corruption free mining community.
  5. In past, some good website like novamining was operating but somehow it has been discontinued and I hope in future this will emerge as an alternative to that site or any other Indian mining website.
  6. In this site, Blog section is also added and in coming time there will be option for guest blog post also, where anybody can write/ post their thoughts/ ideas. Till now, you can send a mail with your content to our email id coalminingdotin@gmail.com and we will post it here.
  7. Although this website is being named as coalmining.in because of domain name limitations (other name was available on premium cost as well) but it is not limited to coal mining community only rather entire mining people, stakeholders from any Mining fields , Metal mining, Non-Metal Mining, Oil Mining, Sand Mining etc can join this website.

Why it’s name is coalmining.in?

We are bunch of Mining men working in coal industry, and when question arose to choose domain name then this name came first but this is not limited to coal mining only rather for entire mining industry of India. 

Ok, How this site will run?

Well, as we said earlier that this website is non-profit based and it’s charges for hosting and domain is already paid for 3 years. Now, to make this project a successful one, we have to come together and to make it operational for next coming years and so on, some form of funding will be done either through advertisement or by contribution from individual.

Do you want to create your own website or blog?

Yes of course 🙂 you can, with ease, no worries at all. As this site is built up with WordPress and some free plugins, you can also make your own, either through wordpress or with other CMS without having any coding experience like us. If you need any assistance pl. Google it or mail us.