The Coal Mines Regulations 2017, Chapter-1

(zu) “permitted explosive” means an explosive manufactured by such firm and of such types as the Chief Inspector may, from time to time specify by a general or special order;
(जिस explosive को Chief Inspector of Mines [ CIM ] permit देता है, उसको permitted इक्स्प्लोसिव बोलते है। लेकिन Chief Controller of Explosives, पूरे इक्स्प्लोसिव का अप्रूवल आदि देता है, for more info plz read।
बोलने का मतलब यह है कि माइंस में यूज़ करने के लिए चीफ कंट्रोलर ऑफ एक्सप्लोसिव तथा चीफ इंस्पेक्टर ऑफ माइन्स दोनों से परमिशन चाहिए, चाहे वह जनरल ऑर्डर के जरिए हो या स्पेशल ऑर्डर के जरिए। )

(zv) “pipeline” means a pipeline laid or being used in a mine for the purpose of pumping or supply of water, sand stowing or filling of material other than sand stowing, nitrogen flushing or for any other purpose including extraction of Coal Mine Methane (CMM), Abandoned Mine Methane (AMM) and other associated pipelines;
(Coal Mine Methane (CMM)- चालू coal mines से Natural gas निकालना।
Abandoned Mine Methane (AMM)- बंद mines से Natural gas निकालना।
नाम में केवल मीथेन है लेकिन निकलता है नेचुरल गैस। नेचुरल गैस में मुख्य रूप से मीथेन और ईथेन रहता है।
Natural Gas – means हाइड्रोकार्बन युक्त गैस जिसमें मुख्य रूप से मीथेन और ईथेन रहता है।

(zw) “principal official” means the senior-most mine official in mining discipline on duty in the mine;

(zx) “public road” means a road maintained for public use and under the jurisdiction of any Government or local authority;
(माइंस का रोड पब्लिक रोड नहीं होता है। )

(zy) “quarter” means a period of three months ending on the 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December;

(zz) “railway” means a railway as defined in the Railways Act, 1989 (24 of 1989);

(zza) “Regional Inspector” means an Inspector of Mines having jurisdiction over a geographical area in which the mine is situated and over which he exercises his powers under the Act;

(zzb) “river” means any stream or current of water, whether seasonal or perennial, and includes its banks extending up to the highest known flood level;

(zzc) “risk” means combination of likelihood of a specific unwanted event and its potential consequences;

(zzd) “roadway” means any part of a passage or gallery below ground which is maintained in connection with the working of a mine;

(zze) “Schedule” means a Schedule appended to these regulations;

(zzf) “shaft” means a way or opening leading from the surface to workings below ground or from one part of the workings belowground to another, in which a cage or other means of conveyance can travel freely suspended, with or without the use of guides;

(zzg) “shot-firer” means a person so appointed under regulation 190;

(zzh) “socket” means a shot hole or blast hole or part thereof remaining after being charged with explosive and blasted, and which is not known to be a misfired hole;
( Explosive को होल/ गड्ढा में डाल कर ब्लास्ट करते है और अगर इक्स्प्लोसिव पूरी तरह से फूटने के बावजूद में भी गड्ढा बचा रह जाए, तो उसको सॉकेट बोलते है । )

(zzi) “supplier” means an individual, association of individuals, company or institution who supplies a technology, machinery, plant, equipment, appliance or substance for use in coal mines;

(zzj) “tub” includes a wagon, car, truck or any other vehicle moving on rail(s) for conveying materials;

(zzk) “ventilation district” means such part of a mine belowground as has an independent intake airway commencing from a main intake airway, and an independent return airway terminating at a main return airway, and, in the case of a mine or part thereof which is ventilated by natural means, the whole mine or part;
( Ventilation district का मतलब है कि वैसा वर्किंग जिसका इंटेक, माइंस के मेन लाइन से निकलता है और जिसका रिटर्न, माइंस के मेन रिटर्न में मिलता है। )

(zzl) “working” means any excavation made or being made in a mine for search of or obtaining coal;

(zzm) “working place” means any place in a mine to which any person has lawful access.
(goaf working place नहीं है क्युकी वहाँ पे लोगों का lawful access नहीं होता है, lawful access means नियमानुसार पहुँच, आने जाने का जगह। सीधी बात में बोला जाए तो जहाँ से कोयला निकाला जाता है, वो है वर्किंग प्लेस)

(2) Words and expressions used in these regulations and not defined herein but defined in the Act shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them under the Act.